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This article will help you connect to the ScaryByte Operations IRC network using the Hexchat IRC client. Please read all the steps then begin to set up your client.

IRC TOR URL: twez6bo6zgcrxnmp3z4y2pqrolr42oollrfqbnzdtrwpuictmgiyjpyd.onion/6667

Connecting to the IRC

1. Download HexChat or other IRC clients. Windows and Linux supported versions are available for download here.

For Linux OS, we recommend the installation of HexChat from Snap. Please type the following commands:

sudo apt-get install snapd
sudo snap install hexchat
sudo snap run hexchat
sudo snap remove hexchat

2. Add a Network (that you will Name ScaryByte) and click Edit and enter the onion address below with a /6667 as prefix at the end and press enter: twez6bo6zgcrxnmp3z4y2pqrolr42oollrfqbnzdtrwpuictmgiyjpyd.onion/6667

4. Make sure you have Tor running in the background as a service for the next step (Tor should be utilising Port 9050 on the client). For Windows OS, just download the Tor Browser Project install it, and run it during your journey on the IRC. For Linux users, please type the following commands in your terminal:

sudo apt install tor -y
sudo service tor status
sudo service tor start
sudo service tor stop

To restart the service, type sudo service tor restart (this task is recommended if the connection process is having issues)

5. Within the Preferences window, select "Network Settings" under the Network category in the left menu. On this page, under Proxy Server change the Hostname to, the Port to 9050, and select "Socks5" for the Type.

6. Click Ok and then connect.